About us

Gentian – improving clinical accuracy

Gentian’s visions and goals (video made by Terje Huse, Mann AV Huse)

“Gentian improves clinical accuracy by leveraging on proprietary, disruptive diagnostic technologies.”

Our improvements address all links of the value chain in medical diagnostics:

by improving patients’ access to testing: Gentian develops products that deliver test results quicker, closer to the patient and less expensive.

by improving clinical value of testing: Gentian develops and delivers new tests with improved diagnostic value.

by improving laboratories’ capacities: Gentian develops and delivers quicker ways of obtaining results that today are time and manpower consuming

Health corporations and Governments
by improving health care finances: Gentian’s test products are less expensive to run and provide accurate clinical information that saves costs in medical treatment

Global Health Care
by improving Quality and Standardization: Gentian’s close collaboration with universities and laboratories improves reliability and standardization of all products we deliver


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