Cystatin C

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Cystatin C is a superior GFR marker for the diagnosis and therapeutic control of patients of all ages

The Gentian cystatin C immunoassay (ERM-DA471/IFCC standardized) is a particle enhanced turbidomentric assay (PETIA) for use on a range of clinical chemistry analyzers.

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Need convincing? The Gentian cystatin C assay is:


  • Validated on a wide range of instruments

Clinically established

  • Gentian’s cystatin C assay is used routinely in labs around the world to calculate eGFR in a range of clinical situations. Recent research using this assay includes measurement in specific patient groups such as pediatrics, cardiovascular diseases , thrombosis, diabetes, obesity, kidney transplantation, CKD, AKI and more. Read more about relevant studies here


  • The assay has very low total imprecision, good linearity and strong correlation with iohexol clearance, the ‘Gold standard’ for GFR  (R (2) = 0.956)


  • Strong signal with no interference from turbid samples. Robust analytic performance characteristics, even among operators


  • Gentian’s production techniques and patented technology means that the Gentian cystatin C assay is both more accurate and more affordable than previous cystatin C tests.  The test also requires minimal hands on time for further savings and improved turnaround time.  See here for ordering information.

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Relevant News

Gentian is exhibiting at AACC in San Diego 30th July – 3rd August. Visit us at booth #531 or contact to schedule a meeting.

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Gentian were inspected by FDA during 17-20th August 2015. The inspection was a success and was completed without any 483’s (non-conformances).

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One of our own R&D scientists recently took part in a collaboration lead by Prof. Anders Grubb (University Hospital, Lund, Sweden) researching a simple, internationally applicable equation for calculating eGFR from any standardised cystatin C results. The paper, titled ‘Study cohort used to produce an international cystatin C-based estimating equation for GFR in adults and children’ is available online now.