Canine CRP


CRP is an acute phase protein synthesized in the liver. It consists of five identical subunits and belongs to the family of pentraxins. During inflammatory processes an increase in CRP concentration can be detected within 4-6 hours with a peak concentration within 48 hours and a return to normal levels within 1-2 weeks. With this fast response CRP is used in the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases in dogs.

The Gentian canine CRP is an in vitro diagnostic test for the quantitative determination of Canine CRP in dog serum. The assay is based on Gentian’s Nanosense Technology. This technology allows developing a fast, robust and reproducible assay which can be easily adapted to a variety of clinical chemistry platforms allowing veterinary labs to include this important analyte into the routine test panel in an efficient way.

Assay Principle

Serum or plasma sample from dog is mixed with anti-canine CRP immunoparticles. Canine CRP from the sample and anti-canine CRP from the immunoparticles aggregates. The complex particles created absorb light, and by turbidimetry the absorption is related to canine CRP concentration in the sample via interpolation on an established standard calibration curve.

Calibrator Standardization

Gentian Canine CRP internal calibration adjusted against a commercially available human CRP assay used for Canine CRP determination at the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences Animal Hospital. No international standard is available for canine CRP.

Products Available

Gentian Canine CRP Reagent kit

  • R1 Reaction buffer (45 ml)
  • R2 Immunoparticles (10.5 ml)
Ref 1501
Gentian Canine CRP Calibrator kit (6 levels), 0.5 ml REF 1551
Gentian Canine CRP Control kit (2 levels), 0.5 ml REF 1519

Technical Specification

Assay type PETIA
Format                 2 reagents, ready to use
Sample material Serum, Plasma
Time to result                    5 minutes*
Precision              < 5%*
Range   10 – 300 mg/L
Security zone     up to 1000mg/L
LoQ        5-9 mg/L*
Stability of calibration 4 weeks
Protocols Abbott Architect c4000, Olympus AU400, Pentra, Global


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Relevant News

Gentian is exhibiting at AACC in San Diego 30th July – 3rd August. Visit us at booth #531 or contact to schedule a meeting.

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Gentian would like to congratulate Dr. Anna Hillström with the successful defense of her Doctoral Thesis on Canine C-reactive Protein and with the exciting research conducted at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. You can read more about this very interesting work in the thesis available here:

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Anna Hillström of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has published a validation study of the Gentian Canine CRP Immunoassay