The Gentian Calprotectin Immunoassay (GCal) is the first particle enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA) for quantitative analysis of total calprotectin in plasma. The assay is rapidly performed in only 10 minutes and can be applied on a wide range of automated clinical chemistry analyzers. GCal can be used for the measurement of calprotectin in plasma in the diagnosis of inflammation.


Calprotectin is a calcium-binding heterodimer of 24 kDa, consisting of the subunits S100A8 and S100A9.1 Neutrophils are the main source of calprotectin, storing calprotectin in the cytosol and the specific granules. During inflammation neutrophils migrate to the inflammatory site and secrete large amounts of calprotectin as soluble proinflammatory mediators.2,3 The bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties of calprotectin arise from its ability to sequester manganese and zinc.4

Research shows that the concentration of calprotectin reflects the degree of inflammation, and treatment efficiency can potentially be monitored due to the short half-life of calprotectin in serum and plasma (5 hours).5


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Technical Specifications

Sample type Li-Heparin plasma
Assay type PETIA
Format Two reagents, ready to use
Calibrator 6 levels, ready to use
Control kit 2 levels, ready to use

For further technical specifications please contact

Validation Results

The following results were achieved using the Gentian Calprotectin Immunoassay on an Abbott Architect c4000 instrument in Moss, Norway.

Precision (sample 0.79 mg/L)* Total CV 8.04 %
Precision (sample 5.76 mg/L)* Total CV 1.36 %
Precision (sample 16.32 mg/L)* Total CV 1.66 %
LoQ* ≤ 0.31 mg/L
Security zone* > 95 mg/L
Measuring range 0.5 - 20 mg/L
Calibration curve stability* 4 weeks§

§Reagent blank adjustment must be done every 3 days
*Instrument dependent results achieved on Architect c4000 during validation.  For further information and instrument specific performance, please contact us at


Product no. Product Contents
1201 Gentian Calprotectin Reagent Kit R1 54 ml + R2 9 ml
1219 Gentian Calprotectin Control Kit 2 x 1 ml
1251 Gentian Calprotectin Calibrator Kit 6 x 1 ml

The Gentian Calprotectin Immunoassay is CE-marked. In the US: For research use only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is calprotectin?

Calprotectin is a soluble proinflammatory mediator secreted from neutrophil immune cells during the proinflammatory response.2,3 Calprotectin is stored in the granules of neutrophils. It consists of two subunits S100A8 and S100A9 (MRP 8/14).

What is the new Gentian Calprotectin Immunoassay?

The new Gentian Calprotectin Immunoassay is a turbidimetric assay for measurement of calprotectin in plasma samples. It allows for rapid and flexible random access use, as well as being the ideal solution for high throughput applications in the routine laboratory. The assay can be applied on all automated platforms in clinical chemistry and allows short turnaround time from sample to reportable result.
Calprotectin levels are higher in plasma and serum of patients with sepsis and in patients admitted for postoperative care after major surgery than in patients admitted due to intoxication, suggesting that calprotectin levels are markedly increased in systemic inflammatory response. Plasma Calprotectin accurately discriminates presence versus absence of systemic inflammation.

How does it compare to current methods?
Initial studies show that GCAL together with CRP have a high predictive value for identifying sepsis vs post-operative inflammation than either marker separately.4 Since CRP and procalcitonin are established biomarkers of sepsis, we recommend that GCAL is added to current diagnostic routines.

Are there other uses?
Potentially, as calprotectin is a marker for the diagnosis of inflammation it has also been shown to be useful in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis5 , appendicitis6 and systemic sclerosis.7 Clinical studies using this assay are needed to further determine clinical use.

Why measure calprotectin in sepsis?

Sepsis is the leading cause of death in ICU patients.1 Changes in serum calprotectin levels can supply rapid information in patients with sepsis upon ICU admission.


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