One of our own R&D scientists recently took part in a collaboration lead by Prof. Anders Grubb (University Hospital, Lund, Sweden) researching a simple, internationally applicable equation for calculating eGFR from any standardised cystatin C results.

The paper, titled ‘ Study cohort used to produce an international cystatin C-based estimating equation for GFR in adults and children’ is available online here.

The study used plamsa samples collected internationally from both adults and children to develop and successfully validate an international eGFR cystatin c equation. As the Gentian cystatin C immunoassay has been standardised against the IFCC international standard ERM-DA471 for many years and fully tracible to this material since 2012, it is suitable to use this new equation with both new and past results obtained using the Gentian assay. The current equation as defined by Gentian (see package inserts or use our online eGFR calculator here) is also still applicable and suitable for use with the assay results. If you have any questions about eGFR equations or this research please contact